Mortal Kombat Project Beta 4.1

A comprehensive Mortal Kombat roster for the MUGEN arcade fighting game emulator featuring every character

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    Beta 4.1

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    Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98

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    6.9 (338)

Mortal Kombat Project strives to deliver the ultimate 2D fighting experience. This port combines all of the classic action from the original console series. In fact, the default graphics are a precise replica of the infamously violent brawling saga that has spawned a cult following. The resemblance to ancient video game history is uncanny, but there are many modern perks that were formerly missing from the game.

First, this title resolves one of the problems that has plagued Mortal Kombat from the start. Every official game only includes a partial roster. This is the first release that attempts to consolidate every fighter into one arena. Any sprite that is not included in the base version can be easily added with the proper extensions. This level of custom input extends beyond characters from the original releases, and players can insert fantastical creations to take on the brutal battles. Stages can also be added to the game in a similar fashion, so the carnage can reach every setting imaginable.

Extra character sprites can be loaded with their iconic graphics and full move sets. Thus, every member of the franchise's fierce roster can enter the ring. Rugged rogue assassins mingle with sultry femme fatales. Many of the designs feature skimpy outfits and flawless physiques. Furthermore, the warriors can be personalized with custom names to actualize their dominance and glory.

The soundtrack function earns serious credit for allowing players to implement their own playlists. MP3 files seamlessly blend into the background of vicious melee combat. Gamers should remember to pick a musical score that amplifies the gruesomely fun sound effects of gore splattering everywhere. The game is equipped with visceral bone cracking, exasperated shrieking and squishy embolisms.

On the technical side, installation requires external extraction software to get the program going, but there should be no complications involved with setting up the software. If problems do arise, it may be caused by certain compatibility issues that are known to occur with certain unauthorized plugs. To fix any bugs, just remove all additional content before reinstalling; then, simply add custom content one at a time until the glitchy perpetrator is located. Less advanced computer users may want to stick with the options available in the core version.

Meanwhile, the controls are the element that needs the most improvement, especially since the defaults seem arbitrarily assigned. To aggravate the controller difficulties, it is quite hard to locate the mechanism to reprogram each button. Luckily, instruction manuals are plentifully available online, so anyone who is struggling with the game-play mechanics can hone their skills with a little research.


  • Huge character selection
  • Easy to customize
  • Imports personal music collections
  • Features dozens of popular moves
  • Enabled with multiplayer


  • Very hard to learn controls at first
  • Choppy graphics during custom fights
  • Unresolved bugs with third-party add-ons
  • Instructions are separate

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